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This cast glass gown is made of dozens of tiny breasts. I use the breast as metaphor for nurturing. The figure stands atop a cake with a bite out of it prepared to give selflessly to those she loves.
I have recently updated this piece adding the woven wire and glass beads, as well as altering the class dress.

photo by Margot Geist www.geistlight.com

EvocativeFigurelessGarment by LindaMaeTratechaud, Artemis, Cast Glass, Resin, Woven Wire, Wedding Dress, Cake
Artemis Nursing Gown, "Let Them Eat Cake"
Cast Glass, Plexi Glass, Rhinestones, Woven Wire, Beads, Resin
14 ½”x11 ¾”x11 ¾”