Linda Mae Tratechaud / Sculpture in Glass, Metal, & Paper

Trained as a graphic designer and illustrator, I used my artistic skills to represent the voices of others for over 20 years. For the past dozen years, I’ve made Figureless Garments exploring female roles and Domestic Feminism, with an emphasis on the human presence that is left behind in inanimate objects; a worn slipper, a dress, a chair, a bed.

In my work, I strive to create art that address life and the human experience of everyday interactions and relationships. The form is a ghost left behind to tell a story addressing social constructs, human emotion, and our precarious selves in relationship to one another.

When expressing myself, I try to access my intuitive and authentic voice. I invent stories based upon personal observations and incorporate these experiences into my work. I try to allow the piece to evolve into its own unique form. When possible, I prefer to use recycled or discarded materials and work to transform the materials into new narrative structures. By using recycled materials, each piece bares homage to a previous incarnation and often greatly informs the direction of new work.

My sculptures are meant to be stepped into and explored, giving the viewer a chance to create their own narrative.

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