Linda Mae Tratechaud / Sculpture in Glass, Metal, & Paper

Trained as a graphic designer and illustrator, I used my artistic skills to represent the voices of others for over 20 years. For more than a dozen years, I’ve explored the human presence that is left behind in inanimate objects; a worn slipper, an apron, a dress, a chair, a bed.

In my work, I strive to create art that address life and the human experience of everyday interactions and relationships with an emphasis on Domestic Feminism. The form is a ghost left behind to tell a story addressing social constructs, human emotion, and our precarious selves in relationship to one another.

When expressing myself, I try to access my intuitive and authentic voice. I invent stories based upon personal observations and incorporate these experiences into my work. I try to allow the piece to evolve into its own unique form. When possible, I prefer to use recycled or discarded materials and work to transform the materials into new narrative structures. By using recycled materials, each piece bares homage to a previous incarnation and often greatly informs the direction of new work.

My sculptures are meant to be stepped into and explored, giving the viewer a chance to create their own narrative.

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