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I created this piece in response to my oldest child leaving the state for work, and my middle child leaving for University.

The nest dress is built in order to house and shelter it's offspring. When the nest is vacated, it still houses the memories, stories, and sacred nurturing space that were created for others. Perhaps the occupant of the dress can now turn the nurturing inward towards herself.

This piece has sold and is in a private collection.

This piece is dedicated to my sister, Susan Lynn Kurland, who is also an artist.

photo by Margot Geist www.geistlight.com

EvocativeFigurelessGarment by LindaMaeTratechaud, Sculpture, Cast Bronze, Sticks, Cast Glass, Empty Nest, Dress
Empty Nest Dress
Cast Bronze, Cast Glass, Opal Stone, Chain
19” x 8” x 8”